Speaking Events

Casey Lyon is a charismatic and knowledgeable speaker. The victim himself of many boring presenters, Casey makes sure to keep things entertaining and informative by keeping his presentations current and relevant.  Additionally, he focuses on making the presentations interactive allotting for meaningful Q&A time.

In order to maintain the balance needed to keep people informed and entertained at the same time, Casey injects a little humor whenever possible. His keen approach makes learning both inviting and fun, keeping the audience’s attention while sharing a few laughs.

When all is said and done, attendees genuinely have something of great value to take away, and more importantly, to take action on – holding themselves accountable to actually making the most out of the presentation. Each guest has made a special investment of their time by attending! Casey has spent many years in the appraisal industry and provides each audience with the tools, steps, and information to make wise financial decisions. Clients trust Casey’s appraisal know-how and have come to rely on his skills as part of their decision marking process.

“I went to a meeting arranged by a local bank and Casey was the main speaker.
This was a casual meeting but informative. This guy seemed both “street wise” and a professional – knew his business to the core, good to get real information for a change. He had a lot more to give but he seemed to be time constrained.
Very Good Job!”
– Kiran Patel

Possible Speaking Topics

  • The Basics (What is needed for the appraisal and what do appraisers do behind the scenes?)
  • How do appraisers develop their adjustments?
  • The most effective ways to increase the value of your property.
  • How can owners and investors appropriately contribute to the appraisal process?
  • What do you do if you you disagree with the report findings?
  • How to prepare for the property inspection.
  • Current trends in the appraisal industry.
  • How does the government/legislators impact value?
  • How do you select/find a good appraiser?
  • Economic updates for local markets and industries.
  • And MUCH more!

See Casey in ACTION!

If you would like to see more videos from Crossroads Appraisal Group click the link below:

Casey is Available for Your Event? Get in Touch!

If you are interested in having Casey speak at your next event he can be reached at 404-724-5110 or via email at casey@www.crossroadsappraisalgroup.com.  Here at Crossroads Appraisal Group, we look forward to meeting your appraisal needs!



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